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PhantomJS 1.8 released with WebDriver support

A while ago, PhantomJS 1.8 was released. According to the release notes it features built in support of the WebDriver Wire Protocol that is e.g. used by Selenium to remote control browsers. The really cool thing of this feature is: … Continue reading

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JBoss Arquillian Integration Test Framework released

Arquillian is a container-oriented testing platform from the JBoss Community. It helps to separate test logic from deployment and container lifecycle concerns in order to achieve easy and fast integration tests. It works with JUnit and TestNG, Maven, Ant (+Ivy) and Gradle.

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Selenium 2 – Differences to Version 1

Selenium 2 is out for a month now. As I had to introduce Selenium into a project, I picked the new version of Selenium (2.2). I’d like to show some of the differences between Selenium 1 and 2 that I … Continue reading

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