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Kotlin für Java Web-Entwickler

Ende-zu-Ende Entwicklung ohne Technologiebruch, Übertragung von Objekten zwischen Backend und Browser-Anwendung, Ausgleich der Unterschiede zwischen Browsern, starke Typisierung, Nutzung des gleichen Codes in UI, Backend oder Android Apps? Ist es möglich, dass eine Programmiersprache all dies leisten kann? Ja, das … Continue reading

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HTTP/2 – concepts and status quo for Java EE developers

The HTTP/2 specification was finished by the end of 2015 and is the first significant protocal update since HTTP1.1, which was released in 1997. HTTP/2’s main goals are shortened loading times and decreased latency. Additionally, performance tweaks that are currently … Continue reading

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SpringMVC vs. Vert.x

What is Vert.x? Vert.x is an event-driven, non-blocking reactive application framework running on the JVM. Vert.x is polyglot, which means that it supports many different programming languages. Currently are supported: Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Groovy, Scala and more. Vert.x is … Continue reading

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TCP and HTTP for web developers

When developing web applications, you can do some mistakes related to basic peculiarities of TCP and HTTP. The post explains some of the pain points and shows approaches to avoid such problems.

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Studie zur Auswahl von Java Web Frameworks – last call

OIO ruft auf zur Teilnahme an der OIO Kompass Studie Java Web Frameworks: “Wie und wozu haben Sie Ihr Java Web Framework ausgewählt? Zur Umfrage geht es hier. Ihre Vorteile bei einer Teilnahme Die Umfrage basiert auf unserem Fragenkatalog, den wir … Continue reading

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GWT 2.6 released with Java 7 support and improved debugging

After about 15 months, we finally get the new GWT 2.6 release. It can be downloaded from the GWT project page or code.google.com. Here are the propably most important changes in the new version: Java 7 support Language features of Java … Continue reading

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Configure GWT deployment context within Eclipse IDE

Do you know this problem? When starting a GWT application within the dev-mode it will be deployed in the root context. But when building the project and deploying it, e.g., usually some context other than root will be used (on Tomcat … Continue reading

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