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Website Performance Measuring Tools

Here is a list of some freely available tools to measure a website performance on the client: Pagetest – IE Addon Speed Tracer – Chrome Extension YSlow – Firefox Addon Page Speed – Firefox Addon Firebug – Firefox Addon Fiddler … Continue reading

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Trauen Sie Ihren funktionalen Tests?

Sind ihre funktionalen Tests zu unzuverlässig, zu komplex, zu unberechenbar und zu teuer? Ranjan Sakalley beschäftigt sich in einem lesenswerten Blogbeitrag mit der Frage, warum automatisierte funktionale Tests in Projekten oftmals skeptisch betrachtet werden. Drei Hauptgründe macht er dabei aus: … Continue reading

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Matching rules with Hamcrest

Hamcrest is library of matcher objects to define matching rules declaratively. You get a Java DSL for buildung assertions, constraints and predicates in quite more readable fashion. Typical scenarios are writing of assertions in (unit) tests, expectations in mocking frameworks, … Continue reading

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A Simple Template for Better Tests

Ever tried to fix a failing unit test that is hard to understand because it has no meaningful name and consists of 20+ lines of code? Then have a look at the test template explained by Paul Szulc in “Test … Continue reading

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