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Infinispan als Memcached Server konfigurieren und nutzen

Infinispan kann im Client-Server Mode mit einem Adapter für das Memcached Text Protokoll konfiguriert werden. Der Adapter ermöglicht es Memcached Clients, mit einem oder mehreren Infinispan Servern zu kommunizieren. Die Infinispan-Server können sowohl standalone (ohne miteinander zu kommunizieren) oder geclustert … Continue reading

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Getting rid of the session stickiness

Session stickiness is a load balancing technique that uses some sort of information to attach recurring visits (http calls) from one visitor to the same machine. This is a very common approach, and the common scenario is an apache web … Continue reading

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Cluster job synchronization with Spring AOP and memcached

Once you start load balancing your application across a set of nodes, you either start a dedicated node for your scheduled jobs or you find out some way of synchronizing your calls. Since I already have memcached up and running … Continue reading

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