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Serialization of lambda expressions – using Java 8 Lambdas in Hazelcast distributed Executor and Executor Services

Lambdas in Java 8 are a very powerful solution to ease the writing of code in many situations. One of the domains for lambdas is the programming of Callable or Runnable tasks in parallel thread execution environments. Since Callables and … Continue reading

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Upcoming GWT releases (2.7 and 3.0) in 2014 and beyond

According to Thomas Broyer, the plans for upcoming releases of GWT changed a little bit. In the comments of a Google+ post, he wrote the following: The plan has shifted a bit. We’ll do a 2.7 near June, and will … Continue reading

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Java 8 ist erschienen und bietet Lambdas und neue Date/Time API

Nach wiederholten Verzögerungen wurde Java 8 am 18. März 2014 released. In der Öffentlichkeit wird Java 8 hauptsächlich mit der Einführung von Lambda Ausdrücken assoziiert. Da aber da selbst das Projekt “Lambda” mehr als die reine Umsetzung von Lambda-Ausdrücken bietet, … Continue reading

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Spring 4.0 released

Spring 4.0 has been released and is now available on GitHub. Version 4.0 is the latest major release of the Spring Framework and the first to fully support Java 8 features. You can still use Spring with older versions of … Continue reading

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Java 8 Lambdas

There’s a nice post at Zero Turnaround/Rebel Labs covering many aspects about Java 8’s “Project Lambda“. Among other things, the post at Rebel Labs is about the following topics: Introduction to the lambda syntax Examples in the JDK libraries Lambdas in … Continue reading

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Jigsaw currently still in Java 8

Papick recently commented some thoughts from Mark Reinhold about postponing Java Modularization towards Java 9. The java community started a large discussion about these thoughts. Now here is Mark’s update: Project Jigsaw: Late for the train: The Q&A. My political … Continue reading

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Preview of lambdas in Java 8

Are you already curious how the language changes in Java 8 will look like. The changes will be as big or even bigger as in Java 5: lambdas (JSR 335), functional interfaces and collections, method references and default methods in … Continue reading

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