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Oracle Changes Release Numbering Scheme for Java SE

In a news bulletin Oracle recently announced that they will change the version numbering scheme for the next upcoming releases of the JDK. The new scheme will affect the way that update release numbers are assigned for all upcoming releases … Continue reading

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End of Public Updates for Java SE 6

Not surprising at all, but… It’s important for developers and systems administrators to either make the transition over to Java SE 7 or to work with Oracle to get updates via the Java SE Support program. Have you updated to Java SE 7? … Continue reading

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Examples for Design Patterns in Java

Looking for some java based examples for the implementation of design patterns? Just take a look at  some design patterns in the JDK itself!

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Mac, Java and how to shoot at your own feet while running…

Here a short update on the Java-Mac deprecation topic. There are a few interesting links on the web, you can checkout some of them at dzone.com. Best read I found on the topic explains why “Desktop Java is a ruinously expensive … Continue reading

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