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7 Dinge, die mit Java 11 entfernt werden

Gegen September 2018 soll Java 11 veröffentlicht werden, doch bereits jetzt gibt es einige Informationen, was, und insbesondere, was nicht mehr in Java 11 enthalten sein wird. Hier eine kleine Liste der 7 wichtigsten Features, Module und Frameworks, die mit … Continue reading

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ControlsFX 8.0.1 (JavaFX 8 component library) released

ControlsFX is an open-source project aimed at providing additional components for JavaFX 8. (Don´t get confused by the version numbers. ControlsFX 8.0.1 is only the second release of this young library and it started with version number 8.0.0 to be on line … Continue reading

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Alpha Feedback request for Zonski’s JavaFX Maven Plugin 2.0

Zonski (the Zen Java guy) continues hacking the JavaFX Maven plugin, and is requesting feedback for the 2.0 Alpha version! Links: Alpha feedback request JavaFX Maven plugin documentation

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JavaFX on iOS using RoboVM

JavaFX does not run on iOS out of the box. One of the approaches to run JavaFX on iOS is based on an AOT compiler like RoboVM. Niklas Therning managed to port a JavaFX (OpenJFX) application to iOS using RoboVM: http://blog.robovm.org/2013/05/javafx-openjfx-on-ios-using-robovm.html

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JavaFX Maven Plugin 1.5 released

Zonski (Zen Java) just released version 1.5 of his really nice JavaFX Maven plugin. You can use it to go from Zero To JavaFX In 5 Minutes (beware of the older version number in the post!). You further could re-use Zonski’s archetypes … Continue reading

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NetBeans 7.3 with HTML5 support

Oracle has released Version 7.3 of their IDE NetBeans. NetBeans is an IDE primarily focused on Java development, but it also supports development with other languages like PHP and C/C++. Recent releases of NetBeans lacked good support for HTML5 / … Continue reading

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JavaFX to come on iOS and Android

In a recent post, Richard Bair told that a lot more JavaFX code has just been handed over to the OpenJFX Community. He announced more (“glass, image I/O, and much of prism”) to come “within the next two weeks”, followed by the remainder of prism, … Continue reading

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