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HTTP/2 Server Push

Welcome to the last blog post of the HTTP blog post series, namely Server Push! The HTTP client API which came with JDK 11 supports HTTP/2 as a default but also HTTP/1.1. An interesting feature of HTTP/2 is the server … Continue reading

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Spring Boot 2.0 GA

Die freudige Nachricht: Spring Boot 2.0 ist verfügbar! Spring Boot hat sich mittlerweile zum Standard-Framework für die meisten Spring-Projekte entwickelt. Es ist damit sehr einfach, neue Spring Projekte aufzusetzen. Einen Großteil des Konfigurationsaufwands wird dem Entwickler durch Konventionen abgenommen, sodass … Continue reading

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HTTP/2 – concepts and status quo for Java EE developers

The HTTP/2 specification was finished by the end of 2015 and is the first significant protocal update since HTTP1.1, which was released in 1997. HTTP/2’s main goals are shortened loading times and decreased latency. Additionally, performance tweaks that are currently … Continue reading

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HTTP/2 Client – Java 9

The web has changed a lot since the 90’s, so in May 2015, a new version of the HTTP-Protocol was presented by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). With Java 9, the developers also updated the HTTP-API in the JDK … Continue reading

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