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Asynchronous HttpClient

Wouldn’t it be great if there was any HTTP API that doesn’t block until an HttpResponse is available? I mean, a main thread that can execute other tasks in parallel and doesn’t block or wait for the completion of that … Continue reading

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Introduction to HttpClient

And now let’s GET some info booster POSTED in the spirit of the winter holidays … This article shows you how to use the new Java 11 HtppClient API to send HTTP GET/POST requests using two very common examples. HttpClient … Continue reading

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HTTP/2 – concepts and status quo for Java EE developers

The HTTP/2 specification was finished by the end of 2015 and is the first significant protocal update since HTTP1.1, which was released in 1997. HTTP/2’s main goals are shortened loading times and decreased latency. Additionally, performance tweaks that are currently … Continue reading

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TCP and HTTP for web developers

When developing web applications, you can do some mistakes related to basic peculiarities of TCP and HTTP. The post explains some of the pain points and shows approaches to avoid such problems.

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RESTful oder not so RESTful, das ist hier die Frage

HTTP basierte APIs können ganz unterschiedlich designt werden. Die Classification of HTTP-based APIs versucht, etwas Systematik in die verschiedenen Ansätze zu bringen, indem es die unterschiedlichen Ausprägungen benennt und im Hinblick auf Aspekte wie Erweiterbarkeit, Netzwerkperformance und Client- & Serverkomplexität … Continue reading

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