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Web UIs mit Kotlin

Was ich am aufregendsten an Kotlin finde, ist dessen Konzeption, ein einheitliches Toolkit (Sprache + Bibliotheken + Tooling) anzubieten, sich aber auch auf die native Umgebung zu verlassen, wo immer eine Kotlin-Anwendung läuft. Die Verwendung von Kotlin auf der JVM … Continue reading

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i18n for GWT SimplePager

Nowadays, internationalization (i18n) is virtually indispensable in most applications. Therefore, GWT also provides a powerful and commonly used i18n mechanism to meet this requirement. Unfortunately, even in the GWT source code itself, there are components which still contain hard-coded text. … Continue reading

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Balsamiq Mockups 3!

As already reported last month, Balsamiq worked a long time on their mockup tool’s next major version, which has finally officially been released this week. You can now download Balsamiq Mockups 3 for Desktop or give it a try in … Continue reading

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Balsamiq Mockups 3 – Public beta released

After several months of development, Balsamiq recently released a public beta for the next major version of its mockup tool: Balsamiq Mockups 3-Public beta. The propably most important change in this version is the new way of project management which … Continue reading

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Design ideas for more intuitive user interfaces

Do you know that kind of projects, when customers would like to have a new piece of software to replace their legacy system as quickly as possible? Often, the business logic of this application is specified by the development department, so … Continue reading

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JavaFX to come on iOS and Android

In a recent post, Richard Bair told that a lot more JavaFX code has just been handed over to the OpenJFX Community. He announced more (“glass, image I/O, and much of prism”) to come “within the next two weeks”, followed by the remainder of prism, … Continue reading

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