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Eclipse Che – The IDE of the future?

This is the first post of my Eclipse Che series I’m going to release during the next weeks. Today’s topic is the fundamental concept of Eclipse Che since it is a completely new and different approach compared to other Eclipse … Continue reading

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Schichtenarchitektur überwachen mit Eclipse

Schichtenarchitekturen haben wir als Entwickler schon längst verinnerlicht. So ist die klassische Aufteilung in z.B. DAO-Schichten, Service-Schichten und Controller-Schichten mittlerweile akzeptiert und wird wie selbstverständlich in der Entwicklung eingesetzt. Die Vorteile aus architektonischer Sicht liegen auf der Hand, ebenso wie … Continue reading

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Remote Pair Programming mit Eclipse Saros

Pair Programming gehört zu den empfohlenen agilen Vorgehensweisen, es ist insbesondere ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Extreme Programming (XP). Die anfängliche Skepsis, dass dieses Vorgehen durch doppelte Ressourcen viel zu teurer ist, sollte mittlerweile gewichen sein. Die folgenden Vorteile klingen auch … Continue reading

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TypeScript Plug-in for Eclipse

Palantir Technologies has finally released an Eclipse Plugin for TypeScript, the statically typed superset of JavaScript with EcmaScript 6 features. In order to use the plug-in, you have to install node.js and install the plugin via the Eclipse update site … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4.3 Kepler released

The Eclipse Foundation has released version 4.3 of their IDE Eclipse, codename Kepler. 71 Eclipse projects have been released this year with the release train. The highlights of Eclipse 4.3 include: Java Development Tools (JDT) improvements including a lot of … Continue reading

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EGit will have recursive merge strategy in upcoming version 2.4

Although EGit is a nice tool for working with Git in Eclipse, it has the problem that its merge strategy differs from the strategy of the official Git command line client – until now. The Git command line client uses … Continue reading

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Eclipse Orion 2.0 released – browser based web IDE

Version 2.0 of the browser based IDE for web development Orion has been released. It offers a prototype of Projects with filtering and SFTP integration. There is now the ability to embed the editor and shell into other applications. The … Continue reading

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