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WebStorm 6 – HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript IDE now with TypeScript, CoffeeScript and Dart support

JetBrains revently released version 6 of their web development IDE WebStorm. WebStorm is a subset of the popular IntelliJ Java IDE. It offers support for HTML, CSS and JavaScript and is probably today’s most complete HTML5 / JavaScript IDE. The … Continue reading

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TypeScript – a language for application-scale JavaScript development

Microsoft recently announced TypeScript, a new language for the web to develop large JavaScript applications. It is a superset of JavaScript, so existing JavaScript code can be used. It compiles to plain JavaScript, so it can be used with any … Continue reading

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Joshua Bloch is the new Dart core libraries architect

There are rumors, some answers and still a lot of open questions regarding GWT and Dart. Early in november Bruce Johnson announced a statement regarding both, their (maybe .. however) common future and Google’s view on the latter: We view … Continue reading

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