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A comprehensive example of JSF’s Faces Flow

Though introduced as a “big ticket feature” in JSF 2.2, there are surprisingly few examples available for the new Faces Flow feature. Those that are existing seem to be more or less variations of the example given in section 7.5.1 … Continue reading

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When to prefer EJB over CDI

While Contexts and Dependency Injection (JSR 299, CDI)  is becoming more and more popular, there is also some confusion about the usage of CDI and EJB. We are sometimes asked by our clients when to prefer one over the other. … Continue reading

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Going Stateless with JSF?

JSF 2.2 introduced a new feature called “stateless views”. In a stateless view the state of JSF components will not be saved and restored on every request. Statefulness in JSF has always been a point of criticism. So, since going stateless … Continue reading

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How to highlight invalid components in JSF

Giving the user a hint about failed validation is essential in form based applications. Though JSF components offer a lot validation functionality there is no such thing as a “failedValidationStyleClass” attribute. However, with a little effort we are able to … Continue reading

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JSF Performance: Mojarra improves dramatically with latest release

In our comparative study about the runtime behavior of both JSF implementations we came to the conclusion that Apache MyFaces performs significantly better on large component trees than the reference implementation Oracle Mojarra. The duration Mojarra  took to step through … Continue reading

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JSF Configuration Context-Parameters

Finding the appropriate configuration parameters for your JSF application can be difficult: Some params are defined in the JSF specification (those start with ‘javax.faces‘) and thus are available in both implementations. Others are implementation specific and are exclusively available for … Continue reading

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JSF Performance Tuning

I had the chance to talk about JSF performance tuning at JAX Con in Mainz, Germany. The slides are available only in German, so here is an English summary of what I was talking about. Introduction Performance-tuning and -optimisation for … Continue reading

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