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Load testing GWT applications with Selenium 2 and Gradle

This post shows how to do a load test on a GWT application that runs in production mode. Production mode means the application is deployed to a web server and only reachable through the HTTP protocol. It also means that GWT-RPC … Continue reading

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Website Performance Measuring Tools

Here is a list of some freely available tools to measure a website performance on the client: Pagetest – IE Addon Speed Tracer – Chrome Extension YSlow – Firefox Addon Page Speed – Firefox Addon Firebug – Firefox Addon Fiddler … Continue reading

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CodeNarc Version 0.11 released

A new version of CodeNarc was released today. CodeNarc is a static code analysis tool for Groovy source code to detect suspicious code. Click here to see a detailed changelog.

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Identify and extend Truststore used by a Weblogic 10.3 Server

This post shows how you can add a trusted certificate to a WebLogic 10.3 Server instances truststore. Recently I had to configure a Weblogic 10.3 Server instance to be able to do secure communication over SSL. Therefor you sometimes have … Continue reading

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JAX-WS RI 2.2.1 Released

Seit dem 17.06.2010 gibt es eine neue Version der JAX-WS Referenz-Implementierung. Die neue Version ist Bestandteil von Metro 2.0.1 und GlassFish 3.0.1 und kann hier heruntergeladen werden. Es handelt sich allerdings nur um ein kleineres Bugfix Release. Weitere Informationen:

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Grails 1.2.1 Released

After only a little more than a month there is the first Bugfix-Release for Grails 1.2. Grails 1.2.1 Release Notes Thanks to everyone who made this happen: Jeff Brown (USA) Robert Fletcher (Great Britain) Lari Hotari (Finland) Luke Daley (Australia) … Continue reading

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Instance based security in Java

If your application needs instance based access control there is not a big variety of solutions out there. Here are some helpful links I found while searching on the internet listed in no particular order. Apache Shiro SAF – Security … Continue reading

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