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Handling money and currencies in Java with JSR 354

Back in May 2015, JSR 354 featuring an API for handling monetary values and currencies was finally released. The specification consists of the following things: An API for handling e. g. monetary amounts and currencies SPIs to support interchangeable implementations … Continue reading

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Cross origin XMLHttpRequests with CORS

The communication of JavaScript applications with a backend system is in most cases based on XMLHttpRequests. This allows applications to load/save/… data without navigating to another page. As most developers know, this kind of communication has a big limitation caused … Continue reading

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Log4j 2 configuration depending on environment

In a recent project, we used Log4j 2 as a backend for slf4j. Logging is configured differently for the local application start than for production. To do this, we used to have one configuration per environment and a piece of … Continue reading

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Spring Session 1.0 released

A few days ago, Spring Session 1.0 has been released. According to the project page, it provides the following functionality: API and implementations (i.e. Redis) for managing a user’s session HttpSession – allows replacing the HttpSession in an application container … Continue reading

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Customizing GWT’s browser detection

In a recent project, we experienced the phenomenon that the GWT application was broken when started in Internet Explorer 11 embedded in a specific rich client application. It turned out that the user agent string sent by the browser was … Continue reading

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TCP and HTTP for web developers

When developing web applications, you can do some mistakes related to basic peculiarities of TCP and HTTP. The post explains some of the pain points and shows approaches to avoid such problems.

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Gradle 2.1 released with new plugin portal

Gradle 2.1 has been release recently. The biggest change is the addition of the new plugin portal. But there are far more interesting changes…

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