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Building Vaadin UIs visually with the new Vaadin Designer

The Vaadin Plugin for Eclipse has ever been shipped with a visual designer for creating custom components for Vaadin applications. This visual designer enables you to construct a layout visually by dragging and dropping UI components on a given layout. … Continue reading

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Add Support for Java 8 Date & Time API to Jackson Serialized REST Web Services

When you are building REST web services using the Java 8 JDK, you might want to use the new Date & Time API to define temporal fields in your entity classes. For example, you might define the following simple User … Continue reading

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Vaadin Brings Excel Spreadsheets to the Web

With a new official add-on in the Vaadin directory, the Vaadin web application framework is taken to a new level: the Vaadin Spreadsheet add-on lets you load Microsoft Excel files in a Vaadin Spreadsheet component to be displayed and edited … Continue reading

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Vaadin 7.4 Released: Grid Component and Declarative Layouts

With version 7.4 Vaadin have released the next minor update of their web framework. This release introduces two very powerful new features: a brand new table component named Grid and declarative layouts.

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How to get autocomplete suggestions from the database for Vaadin’s ComboBox

With class com.vaadin.ui.ComboBox the Vaadin Toolkit provides a drop-down selection component that allows you to select an item from a set of values by offering a list of suggestions based on your current input. This works out of the box … Continue reading

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AutoValue 1.0 released by Google

Google has released the first stable version of its AutoValue library. AutoValue is an open source library for easily creating value types with Java. AutoValue is part of a Google project that goes by the name of auto on GitHub. … Continue reading

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Upsource: New Repository Browsing and Code Review Tool by JetBrains

JetBrains, the company behind the popular IntelliJ IDEA, recently has released a new productivity tool into the wild. JetBrains Upsource is a browser-based repository browsing and code review tool. Freshly released in version 1.0, it boasts a number of very … Continue reading

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