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Big data might slow down JTA connections

Did you ever wonder why working with big data (the REAL big data) slows down your JTA connection from time to time? During a short Helsinki city trip this month I’ve shot the following picture that may provide some explanation. … Continue reading

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Problem with ui:repeat and NULL values in JSF 2.x

Some months ago I stumbled across some issue with the ui:repeat component in JavaServer Faces 2. The project I worked on used JSF RI 2.0.2, but the problem seems to exist in all 2.x RI versions (especially the current versions … Continue reading

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Joshua Bloch is the new Dart core libraries architect

There are rumors, some answers and still a lot of open questions regarding GWT and Dart. Early in november Bruce Johnson announced a statement regarding both, their (maybe .. however) common future and Google’s view on the latter: We view … Continue reading

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Problem with @OrderColumn when using EclipseLink

In JPA 2.0 the annotation @OrderColumn provides support for persisting the order (or rather the index) of a list. Unfortunately this feature is buggy in some versions of EclipseLink 2.* which is the JPA 2.0 Reference Implementation. The following issue … Continue reading

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The end of Internet Explorer 6

Web developers may breathe again. Microsoft announced via twitter the official statement not to use the Internet Explorer 6 any more: It’s not often that we encourage you to stop using one of our products, but for #IE6, we’ll make … Continue reading

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Stateful Web Services mit JAX-WS

Ohne die Sinnhaftigkeit von zustandsbehafteten Web Services vorab diskutieren zu wollen sind hier 3 Möglichkeiten genannt solche mit Hilfe von JAX-WS bzw. dessen Referenzimplementierung umzusetzen. Variante 1: Direkter Zugriff auf die HTTP-Session über den WebServiceContext Bei einem Web Service, der … Continue reading

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