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Microsoft SQL 2019: Java Unterstützung und Open Source Java-Spracherweiterung

Vor Version 2019 unterstützte Microsoft SQL Server R, Python und .Net  als Spracherweiterung.  Mit der neuen Version SQL Server 2019 wurde auch Java integriert. Das bedeutet, dass man beim Kauf eines Microsoft SQL Servers den Java-Support dazu erhält. Im April … Continue reading

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HTTP/2 Server Push

Welcome to the last blog post of the HTTP blog post series, namely Server Push! The HTTP client API which came with JDK 11 supports HTTP/2 as a default but also HTTP/1.1. An interesting feature of HTTP/2 is the server … Continue reading

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HTTP Client WebSocket Chat Application using Spring Boot

Have you ever thought about what the logic behind a chat application is? How could it be written and how does it work? If yes, here is the right place to look for an answer. It is called WebSocket! But … Continue reading

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Asynchronous HttpClient

Wouldn’t it be great if there was any HTTP API that doesn’t block until an HttpResponse is available? I mean, a main thread that can execute other tasks in parallel and doesn’t block or wait for the completion of that … Continue reading

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Map Reduce in Hadoop Example

Hadoop MapReduce is a software framework used for distributed processing of large data sets on compute clusters. According to The Apache Software Foundation, the objective of Map/Reduce is to split the input data set into independent chunks that are processed … Continue reading

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Introduction to HttpClient

And now let’s GET some info booster POSTED in the spirit of the winter holidays … This article shows you how to use the new Java 11 HtppClient API to send HTTP GET/POST requests using two very common examples. HttpClient … Continue reading

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What is new in Spring Boot 2.2?

 “First do it, then do it right, then do it better.“ (Addy Osmani) Spring Boot 2.2 has recently been released and comes out with a range of new features. Among the dependency upgrades for quite a large number of Spring … Continue reading

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