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Handling money and currencies in Java with JSR 354

Back in May 2015, JSR 354 featuring an API for handling monetary values and currencies was finally released. The specification consists of the following things: An API for handling e. g. monetary amounts and currencies SPIs to support interchangeable implementations … Continue reading

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Cross origin XMLHttpRequests with CORS

The communication of JavaScript applications with a backend system is in most cases based on XMLHttpRequests. This allows applications to load/save/… data without navigating to another page. As most developers know, this kind of communication has a big limitation caused … Continue reading

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Java EE 7 App Server – current market overview

Two years after the final release of Java EE 7 (JSR 342), this blog post will give you a short overview of the certified application servers. As of today, 6 certified application servers have been released that support the full … Continue reading

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Building reliable and effective functional tests for asynchronous/dynamic/single page web applications with Selenium and JUnit (1/2) – Basics

Selenium is a well established tool for browser automation and functional tests of web applications. The process to build reliable functional tests got harder since the advent of Web 2.0 applications that dynamically change the content of a page. Dima … Continue reading

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Erstes öffentliches Architektur Kata in Mannheim – ein Erfahrungsbericht

Vorletzte Woche Montag haben sich 10 Interessierte zum ersten öffentlichen Architektur-Kata im Rahmen des Agile Monday Mannheim im Club Speicher 7 am Mannheimer Hafen eingefunden. Mit dabei waren sowohl erfahrene Software-Haudegen als auch junge IT-Consultants und Architekten. Was war die … Continue reading

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