Vaadin Brings Excel Spreadsheets to the Web

With a new official add-on in the Vaadin directory, the Vaadin web application framework is taken to a new level: the Vaadin Spreadsheet add-on lets you load Microsoft Excel files in a Vaadin Spreadsheet component to be displayed and edited in the browser. This often requested and never quite achieved requirement can now be very easily fulfilled with a Vaadin application. With this add-on it is now possible to write web applications that let your users work collaboratively on the same set of spreadsheets without having to resort to sending around Excel files by email or working with network shares.

Screenshot from the Vaadin Spreadsheet online demo

Screenshot from the Vaadin Spreadsheet online demo

The add-on internally makes heavy use of the Apache POI library, so it is based on an already well-known and established Java API for Microsoft Documents.

You should check out the online demo for Vaadin Spreadsheets on the Vaadin homepage.

The add-on is still released as a beta version but with a feature complete and stable API. Vaadin Spreadsheet is a non-free add-on and can be used commercially with a Vaadin Pro Tools subscription.

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