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Ungewisse Zukunft für Groovy und Grails

Als Groovy und Grails Befürworter musste man gerade die überraschende Nachricht von Pivotal verkraften, dass sich das Unternehmen nach dem Release der nächsten Versionen Ende März 2015 aus der direkten Finanzierung beider Open Source-Projekte zurückziehen wird.

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How to get autocomplete suggestions from the database for Vaadin’s ComboBox

With class com.vaadin.ui.ComboBox the Vaadin Toolkit provides a drop-down selection component that allows you to select an item from a set of values by offering a list of suggestions based on your current input. This works out of the box … Continue reading

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Spring Session 1.0 released

A few days ago, Spring Session 1.0 has been released. According to the project page, it provides the following functionality: API and implementations (i.e. Redis) for managing a user’s session HttpSession – allows replacing the HttpSession in an application container … Continue reading

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AutoValue 1.0 released by Google

Google has released the first stable version of its AutoValue library. AutoValue is an open source library for easily creating value types with Java. AutoValue is part of a Google project that goes by the name of auto on GitHub. … Continue reading

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