Gradle 2.1 released with new plugin portal

Gradle 2.1 has been release recently. The biggest change is the addition of the new plugin portal. But there are far more interesting changes…

To use plugins found on the plugin portal, you simply need the qualified plugin id and version found on the portal. With this information you can apply the plugin using:

plugins {
    id '<PLUGIN-ID>' version '<PLUGIN-VERSION>'

The declaration of repositories and dependencies in the buildscript closure isn’t necessary anymore with this approach.

To include your plugin to the plugin portal, you need to [perform some easy steps][include] that require your plugin to be uploaded to Bintray’s JCenter repository.

From my point of view, some other interesting changes are:

You can download Gradle 2.1 and read the full release notes of Gradle 2.1 on the project website.

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