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Select Nested JavaBeans With a Vaadin FieldGroup

Among the long list of improvements that Vaadin 7 brought to us developers is a completely overhauled form binding component that allows binding a data item to a form layout in a much more convenient way than was possible with … Continue reading

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Integrating PDF.js as PDF viewer in your web application

When writing business web applications you often need to show PDF files in your application. But this requires that the user has an installation of a PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Reader) and the browser plugin is activated. With PDF.js there … Continue reading

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Resourcengebundene Ausführung auf Hazelcast Knoten durch Distributed Code Execution

Hazelcast stellt eine leicht zu bedienende API zur Verwaltung von verteilten Collections und Maps zur Verfügung. Die Verteilung der Daten auf die sich im Clusterverbund befindlichen Knoten ist für den Entwickler hierbei transparent. Es hat sich gezeigt, dass ein Problem … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 11 will support source maps based debugging

The developer tools of Chrome and Firefox (as well as Firebug) used to support source map base JavaScript debugging for several versions. With the new update for Internet Explorer 11, all major browsers support this feature. About source maps Source … Continue reading

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TypeScript 1.0 Released – the statically typed super set of JavaScript

Microsoft announced the availability of the first stable release 1.0 of TypeScript – the statically typed super set of JavaScript. Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 includes TypeScript 1.0 out of the box. Alternatively, there is also an add-on for Visual … Continue reading

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