Vagrant 1.5 Released

Vagrant, the free and open-source software for creating and configuring virtual development environments, has been released in version 1.5. A lot of noteworthy improvements and additions have been made to the tool. At a glance, the following features are new with this release:

  • Improved support for the Windows operating system: support for the Windows Hyper-V virtualization product is shipped out of the box with the new Hyper-V provider. Shared folders can be synced with SMB.
  • Rsync synced folders: folders that are shared with a guest machine can be synced with the rsync tool which allows for better file read/write performance.
  • Boxes 2.0: handling of boxes has been significantly improved. Vagrant boxes can be versioned, and a new naming scheme has been installed, allowing to discover a box by its shortname without the need of a particular source URL. A public service is launched to share and find boxes.
  • Vagrant Cloud: a hosted service for sharing and discovering Vagrant environments. This community-driven website makes it a lot easier to find suitable pre-built boxes.
  • Vagrant Share: Allows to share a running Vagrant environment with others over any network.
  • Improved plugin management
  • Password-based SSH authentication
  • Added support for new guest operating systems: Funtoo, NetBSD, and TinyCore Linux

Starting with this version, the Vagrant developers will deprecate features before these are removed from the software. When using such a deprecated feature with a newer Vagrant version, a warning is shown during execution.

An outlook is made into the future of Vagrant which is promising. In the next versions, support for using Windows VMs can be expected. New VM providers are planned together with an improved status feedback for installed Vagrant boxes.

Read the blog post for this new release on the Vagrant blog.

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