TypeScript 1.0RC released

Microsoft has announced the availability of TypeScript 1.0RC, a release candidate of the final version 1.0.
According to Microsoft, this release offers a “feature-complete TypeScript 1.0 language with a spec-conformant compiler and a production-level language service capable of working with codebases with hundreds of thousands of lines of code.” and “TypeScript 1.0RC is a mature toolset”.

The release also provides some improvements:

  • Simpler Type System
    You can now use the any type on fields of subclasses even if the superclass defines a concrete type for the field, which is closer to the meaning of any as a switch to disable static type checking.
  • More natural declaration merge order
    Declaration merging of overloads now uses a more natural order – overloads from later interfaces will merge before overloads of earlier interfaces to make it easier to extend existing declarations.
  • Improvements to lib.d.ts
    The static typings for JavaScript and the DOM API have been updated to include typings for WebGL and touch events.

Please note that the internal version number is 0.9.7 instead of 1.0RC, so don’t be surprised to see this version number when updating your TypeScript installation.

You can grab the new release from the official TypeScript site.

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