Git 1.9 released!

Version 1.9 of the Git distributed revision control system has been released. The most notable things in this release from my point of view are:

  • Better support for shallow clones
  • git fetch --tags now fetches all tags in addition to what are fetched by the same command line without the option.
  • git push $where $what has been enhanced to use the same ref mapping git push origin would use to determine which ref at the origin is to be updated to the local master.
  • git log learned the --exclude= option, to allow people to say “list history of all branches except those that

    match this pattern” with git log --exclude='*/*' --branches

  • A new negative pathspec syntax logs everything but directory: git log -- . ‘:!dir’
  • git difftool shows how many different paths there are in total.

Look at the Git v1.9.0 Release Notes for the complete list of improvements.

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