GWT 2.6 released with Java 7 support and improved debugging

After about 15 months, we finally get the new GWT 2.6 release.
It can be downloaded from the GWT project page or

Here are the propably most important changes in the new version:

  • Java 7 support
    Language features of Java 7 are now supported. It is also default source level but can be configured via flag -sourceLevel 6.
  • Debugging improvements
    There are several improvements for Super Dev Mode, logging and error messages, because DevMode support in Chrome will be dropped sometime in 2014.
  • Browser permutations
    By default, the permutations for IE6/7 and Opera are disabled in version 2.6, and IE6/7 will no longer be supported in version 3.0. IE10 has its own permutation now.
  • @GwtIncompatible
    Marker annotation to ignore classes, methods or fields during GWT compilation. So non-GWT-compatible Java code can be used in shared objects.

There are also several API enhancements (by adding “a more maintainable DOM event dispatch mechanism” and other useful methods), some cleanups (by removing deprecations), and of course a lot of bug fixes included.

The full release notes can be found on the GWT project page.

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