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How to split up GWT applications into modules

Did you know? GWT has its own modularization. There is this module description xml file, which we know is the key element in how the compiler gets to know what it should consider to cross compile into javascript. A GWT module … Continue reading

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HTML5 Touch Events specification is now a web standard

In recent years there was (and still is) a dramatic decrease in sales figures of traditional PCs like desktops and laptops, at least in the consumer market. So mobile devices seem to be the future for end users. With the … Continue reading

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Going Stateless with JSF?

JSF 2.2 introduced a new feature called “stateless views”. In a stateless view the state of JSF components will not be saved and restored on every request. Statefulness in JSF has always been a point of criticism. So, since going stateless … Continue reading

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