ControlsFX 8.0.1 (JavaFX 8 component library) released

ControlsFX is an open-source project aimed at providing additional components for JavaFX 8.

(Don´t get confused by the version numbers. ControlsFX 8.0.1 is only the second release of this young library and it started with version number 8.0.0 to be on line with JavaFX 8. JavaFX 8 in turn is the next major release after JavaFX 2.2. The goal is to share the same version number across Java and JavaFX.)

Although there is already another similar project, ControlsFX only includes highly business relevant components that can cope with very high demands regarding the quality of the code and the associated JavaDoc.
The focus on high quality is mandatory, because it is planned to include components of ControlsFX in future JavaFX releases.

The project is led by Jonathan Giles, a member of Oracle´s JavaFX team, but the community is encouraged to participate.

Currently the project already features some really interesting components that are needed for many (business) applications, such as

  • Dialogs
  • a Notification Pane
  • a Range Slider
  • a SegmentedButton control
  • or a Rating Control
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