GWT Entwicklerkonferenz dieses Jahr im Dezember

Gute Nachrichten für GWT Entwickler: im Dezember wird es eine dedizierte Konferenz rund um das Thema Google Web Tookit geben. Hier die Call-For-Papers-Meldung:

While the GWT ecosystem is stronger than ever, there has not been a large GWT focused conference for years. We decided that this really needs to be fixed. I am proud to announce that we are hosting a full conference around GWT: two days filled with technology and 20+ presentations in December. You are invited!

Die Konferenz wird auch gleich an zwei Orten stattfinden: Frankfurt und San Francisco, aus dem FAQ der Konferenzseite:

Q: Is the conference really arranged BOTH in US and EU?
A: Yes. We are that crazy.

So wie es aussieht ist die maximale Anzahl der Teilnehmer recht klein gehalten:

We have reserved seats for 250 attendees for each conference. Be fast and enjoy the seriously discounted early bird conference price – we thought it would be just fair as you would be the ones who are spreading the word about the conference.

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