Vaadin 7.1 Released

After their last major release of version 7.0 in February, Vaadin have now released the first minor release 7.1 for their RIA web framework. This release delivers a number of useful additions to the framework some of which were originally planned for the 7.0 release but had to be postponed to some later release.

The most notable features of version 7.1 are the following:

  • Server Push is now implemented using the Atmosphere framework.
  • The Sass compiler for compiling Vaadin themes based on Sass has been improved. It now supports more Sass features (arithmetics and @content).
  • The debug window has been overhauled and enhanced with some useful functions.
  • CSS styles can be dynamically injected into the HTML document at runtime with Page.getStyles().add().
  • WAI-ARIA support has been added for several UI components to enable accessibility for Vaadin applications.
  • The Vaadin Calendar has been incorporated as a core component into the framework and is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.
  • Native support for Internet Explorer 10

Read the blog post about the release on Vaadin’s blog, check the release notes and download the updated jars here.

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