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Vaadin 7.1 Released

After their last major release of version 7.0 in February, Vaadin have now released the first minor release 7.1 for their RIA web framework. This release delivers a number of useful additions to the framework some of which were originally … Continue reading

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Java 8 Lambdas

There’s a nice post at Zero Turnaround/Rebel Labs covering many aspects about Java 8’s “Project Lambda“. Among other things, the post at Rebel Labs is about the following topics: Introduction to the lambda syntax Examples in the JDK libraries Lambdas in … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4.3 Kepler released

The Eclipse Foundation has released version 4.3 of their IDE Eclipse, codename Kepler. 71 Eclipse projects have been released this year with the release train. The highlights of Eclipse 4.3 include: Java Development Tools (JDT) improvements including a lot of … Continue reading

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TypeScript 0.9 released with Generics and Enums

Microsoft has released version 0.9 of TypeScript, a typed superset of JavaScript. Some of the new features include: Generics The long requested language feature has finally arrived: Enums Enumerations have returned to TypeScript. Enums allow a typed way to work … Continue reading

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Apache Subversion 1.8 Released

After almost two years, a new version 1.8 has been released for Apache Subversion on June 18, 2013. The release notes can be found here. Most of the new features and changes affect the source code management system under the … Continue reading

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GlassFish 4.0 released

GlassFish 4.0, the reference implementation and therefore the first application server for Java EE 7, has been released. The release was announced on Monday 06/11/2013 on the new and overworked website. The site was launched obviously too early: at launch time, there … Continue reading

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Using the context path of a web-app as log filename with Log4J

If you have a web application which you want to deploy more than once to a single servlet container you have the problem of separating your log files for the different web app instances. This is because the log configuration … Continue reading

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