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Have a look at JIRA 6

Besides the release of JIRA 6.0 RC 1, Atlassian created a short trailer about JIRA 6. This one gives you the possibility to have a look at the new UI. The new style of JIRA 6 is very minimalistic and is … Continue reading

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JSF Configuration Context-Parameters

Finding the appropriate configuration parameters for your JSF application can be difficult: Some params are defined in the JSF specification (those start with ‘javax.faces‘) and thus are available in both implementations. Others are implementation specific and are exclusively available for … Continue reading

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ECMAScript 6 – The future of JavaScript

After the current standard, ECMAScript 5, was primarily aimed at making it easier to develop bigger and more sophisticated software in ECMAScript (strict mode, getters and setters, property descriptor maps, …), the 6th version is shaping up follow the trails … Continue reading

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How to rollback changes with Git [updated]

Bad things happen… Sometimes you commit a change that you want to rollback afterwards. There are multiple ways to rollback changes with Git. Each solution has it advantages and matches another use case. Here is an overview of some of … Continue reading

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Gradle 1.6 erschienen

Gradle, der neue Stern am Build-Management-Tool-Himmel entwickelt sich rasant weiter. Soeben ist die Version 1.6 erschienen. Spannende Neuerungen sind: Maven zu Gradle Migrationstool JaCoCo Code Coverage ist jetzt Core-Plugin feinere Steuerung der Task Execution Order Incremental Tasks analog zu Incremental … Continue reading

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Atlassian Stash 2.4 released with lots of cool stuff

Stash 2.4, released in early may, brings some really cool new features. From an enterprise point of view, the release notes can be summarized this way: Stash now supports forking It’s possible to set permissions for individual repositories (previously only project-based … Continue reading

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i18n for Vaadin Applications Using CustomLayouts and Apache Velocity

Writing internationalized web applications with Vaadin is quite easy and works the same as with any other framework. You write your message property files and load them through a ResourceBundle. Using this resource bundle, you can then have your texts … Continue reading

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