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Java EE 7 (JSR-342) is final

With some lateness, the specification for Java EE 7 (JSR 342) went final today, about three years after the release of Java EE 6. Without cloud features and a caching API, it comes with a big support for building HTML5 … Continue reading

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Bauen von Java- und Groovy-Projekten mit Gradle

Vor über zwei Jahren habe ich hier bereits eine kleine Einführung in Gradle gegeben. Eigentlich sollten weitere darauf aufbauende Blogeinträge folgen. Gradle hat sich in der Zeit rasant weiter entwickelt. Damals standen wir kurz vor dem Release von Gradle 1.0, nun … Continue reading

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Java 8 will be late

According to Mark Reinhold, Java 8 will not be ready in September 2013. That’s because of man power needed to improve Java’s security: […] Maintaining the security of the Java Platform always takes priority over developing new features, and so these efforts … Continue reading

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JSF 2.2 (JSR-344) is final

Only few weeks before the scheduled release of Java EE  7, JSR 344 – the defining specifiaction for JSF 2.2 – went final today. Despite the version number, JSF 2.2 could be considered to be a major release, including these … Continue reading

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ECMAScript 5 – the current JavaScript standard

ECMAScript is THE language of the web and yet many developers aren´t even aware of its existence. It is a standard (named ECMA-262) developed by Ecma International that serves as a standardized basis for the likes of JavaScript, JScript or … Continue reading

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JSF-Comparison: MyFaces vs. Mojarra

A couple of weeks ago we published the results of a comparative study about the performance impact of large component trees on JSF implementations. The article is available in German only so here is a brief summary in English.

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The web starts to blink: Chrome drops WebKit as its rendering engine – announces Blink

Recently, concerns arised that WebKit could become the new IE6 (the majority of web developers optimized and tested only for compatibility with IE6 before the great browser wars). As it turns out, these concerns will not fullfill, as the world’s … Continue reading

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