Chrome 25 for Developers – Speech API and Shadow DOM

The Chrome Team recently released Chrome 25.

For developer, the new version offers

  • support for the Web Speech API – which allows developers to add speech recognition features to their applications
  • Support for Shadow DOM which allows to build encapsulated, reusable components. As the specification has not been finalized, this feature uses vendor prefixes. IMHO, this should only be used to experiment with the new feature, but this should not be used in production apps right now.
  • Content Security Policy (CSP) is now vendor prefix free. It lowers the risk of cross-site-scripting attacks.
  • Support for concurrent transactions in the in-browser database IndexedDB.
  • Ability to emulate media types – to test media queries.
  • Improvements to the developer tools – e.g. the ability to set a color for entries in the console log, the timeline now also visualizes the CPU usage for different points in time.
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