WebStorm 6 – HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript IDE now with TypeScript, CoffeeScript and Dart support

JetBrains revently released version 6 of their web development IDE WebStorm.

WebStorm is a subset of the popular IntelliJ Java IDE. It offers support for HTML, CSS and JavaScript and is probably today’s most complete HTML5 / JavaScript IDE.

The highlight of version 6 is support for JavaScript alternatives: Microsoft’s TypeScript, CoffeeScript and Google’s Dart.
This could make this IDE a lot more interesting for developers who need a more structured way to develop large scale web applications.
WebStorm offers automatic compilation/transpilation of these languages to JavaScript. Additionally, WebStorm has debugging support for these languages using source maps.

The new features of version 6 include:

  • Support for TypeScript, CoffeeScript and Dart
  • Build-in HTTP server
  • Integrated REST client
  • Added JavaScript validation with Google Closure Linter
  • Improved support for common JavaScript libraries
  • Improvements on Sass and LESS support
  • New UI theme “Darcula”
  • Retina-adapted icons (for MacBook owners)

Fore more information, see the official What’s new page or start downloading the IDE.

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