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Verankerung in Confluence, Teil 1 — Verlinkung innerhalb von Confluence

Kollegen und Kunden fragen regelmäßig, wie man in Confluence Links (Anker) auf bestimmte Abschnitte in der gleichen oder anderen Seiten setzen kann. Klingt einfach? Die Antwort ist ein klares “jain”, es ist zumindest einmal umfangreicher als erwartet.

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GWT Activity & Places: Order matters

The GWT Activity and Places framework is a useful and common mechanism to use the browser history within your application allowing users to bookmark URLs and use the back button as a feature. To do so, it automatically updates the … Continue reading

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JavaFX Maven Plugin 1.5 released

Zonski (Zen Java) just released version 1.5 of his really nice JavaFX Maven plugin. You can use it to go from Zero To JavaFX In 5 Minutes (beware of the older version number in the post!). You further could re-use Zonski’s archetypes … Continue reading

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Hibernate ORM 4.2.0 erschienen

Es gibt eine neue Version von Hibernate ORM: 4.2.0.Final. Zeitgleich ist auch das letzte Release der 4.1.x-Reihe erschienen: 4.1.11. Ab sofort geht konzentriert sich die Entwicklung auf das nächste Minor Release 4.3 und das Major Release 5. Es gibt keine … Continue reading

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Chrome 25 for Developers – Speech API and Shadow DOM

The Chrome Team recently released Chrome 25. For developer, the new version offers support for the Web Speech API – which allows developers to add speech recognition features to their applications Support for Shadow DOM which allows to build encapsulated, … Continue reading

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Google Web Toolkit Blog: GWT 2.5.1 Final is Here!

As stated in the release notes, GWT 2.5.1 is a maintenance release including many bugfixes and minor improvements since GWT 2.5. The announcement can be found at the Google Web Toolkit Blog: GWT 2.5.1 Final is Here! The GWT artifacts … Continue reading

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Eclipse Orion 2.0 released – browser based web IDE

Version 2.0 of the browser based IDE for web development Orion has been released. It offers a prototype of Projects with filtering and SFTP integration. There is now the ability to embed the editor and shell into other applications. The … Continue reading

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