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Big data might slow down JTA connections

Did you ever wonder why working with big data (the REAL big data) slows down your JTA connection from time to time? During a short Helsinki city trip this month I’ve shot the following picture that may provide some explanation. … Continue reading

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GWT 2.5.1 RC1 released

The GWT team just released the RC1 version of  GWT. The 2.5.1 is merely a maintenance release, and  the list of bug fixes can be reviewed here: The release candidate can be downloaded from the link below, and is not … Continue reading

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Opera is switching to WebKit

Opera announced that they are abandoning their own browser rendering engine Presto. They decided to switch to the Open-Source rendering engine WebKit (used by Chrome and Safari) and the JavaScript engine V8 (used by Chrome). The Opera browser will be … Continue reading

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Wie schreibt man eine gute Kurzbiographie

Der ein oder andere steht immer mal wieder vor der Aufgabe, für einen Social Media Auftritt, einen Vortrag oder einen Artikel eine Kurzbeschreibung zu sich selbst abzugeben. Auch wenn es sich nur um wenige Zeilen handelt, ist das keine so … Continue reading

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JavaFX to come on iOS and Android

In a recent post, Richard Bair told that a lot more JavaFX code has just been handed over to the OpenJFX Community. He announced more (“glass, image I/O, and much of prism”) to come “within the next two weeks”, followed by the remainder of prism, … Continue reading

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Grails 2.2 released (Groovy 2.0, Forked Mode, Namespace support) and Grails 2.3 outlook

Grails 2.2 has been released recently. It offers support for Groovy 2.0 (static type checker and static compilation, modularity, Project Coin syntax enhancements, Invoke Dynamic integration) namespace support (namespaces for Grails artifacts in plugins to avoid naming collisions) forked mode … Continue reading

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Vaadin 7 Released

Vaadin Ltd. has released version 7.0.0 of their RIA web framework Vaadin. This new major version brings quite a lot of new and exciting features that hugely ease the development of Vaadin applications. The new release goes along with a … Continue reading

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