jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 focuses on responsive web design

jQuery Mobile – a set of touch-friendly web UI elements – has been released in version 1.3.0.
This time, the focus of the release is on responsive web design.
In practise this means that your jQuery Mobile app now adjusts to the device – whether it is a tablet or a smartphone.
To achieve this, there are some new ui components that adjust to the device: table-reflow and table column toggle, grids.

Some additional widgets have been added.
There is a new panel widget which can be easily positions – e.g. it can be positioned on one side of the screen to act as a side menu. Panels can be animated and can be closed with a swipe gesture, via ESC key or by tapping onto the page. For wider widths (tablets) you can decide to not auto close the panel, but to leave it open on the side all the time (which produces the typical tablet layout with a panel on the side).
There is now a new range slider widget with dual handle sliders for collecting range values.

New API documentation and demo sites have been launched.

For a more complete list of improvements, see the official announcement.

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