Grails 2.2 released (Groovy 2.0, Forked Mode, Namespace support) and Grails 2.3 outlook

Grails 2.2 has been released recently.
It offers

  • support for Groovy 2.0 (static type checker and static compilation, modularity, Project Coin syntax enhancements, Invoke Dynamic integration)
  • namespace support (namespaces for Grails artifacts in plugins to avoid naming collisions)
  • forked mode (fork JVM of embedded Tomcat for isolating classpaths and reducing memory footprint)

See the What’s new in Grails 2.2 page for more information or download Grails 2.2.

Outlook for Grails 2.3:
According to Graeme Rocher’s blog post, Grails 2.3 will solve a lot of dependency management problems (which a lot of Grails users experienced) by adding support for the dependency manager Aether. Until now Grails uses Ivy which seems to be responsible for a lot of trouble (e.g. problematic snapshot handling). Aether is the dependency manager used by Maven and should solve most issues users experienced when using Ivy.

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