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Confluence 5 released

Der letzte schöne dramatische Trailer stammt noch aus der letzten Woche, den wollte ich Ihnen aber nicht vorenthalten: [youtube] Seit gestern ist es nun spruchreif: Das neue Confluence 5 ist da! (Englische Release Notes, Release blog post auf Deutsch). … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 released

Up until now, Internet Explorer 10 was only available for Windows 8. That changed today, as Microsoft released IE10 for Windows 7. IE10 is more secure than it’s predecessors and has a better support for web standards (HTML5, CSS3). Additionally, … Continue reading

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SubGit for Subversion to Git migrations

When migrating Subversion (SVN) to Git, the default tool to use is git-svn which is included in the Git distribution. That’s nice when directly switching over to Git, as you only need a one-time repository conversion.

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Vaadin’s Variable Scopes: VaadinSession and UI

With the new version 7 of the Vaadin Framework, some central aspects of writing Vaadin web applications have been thoroughly reworked. One of these aspects is the way an HTTP session is represented and managed by the framework. While in … Continue reading

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NetBeans 7.3 with HTML5 support

Oracle has released Version 7.3 of their IDE NetBeans. NetBeans is an IDE primarily focused on Java development, but it also supports development with other languages like PHP and C/C++. Recent releases of NetBeans lacked good support for HTML5 / … Continue reading

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jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 focuses on responsive web design

jQuery Mobile – a set of touch-friendly web UI elements – has been released in version 1.3.0. This time, the focus of the release is on responsive web design. In practise this means that your jQuery Mobile app now adjusts … Continue reading

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Groovy 2.1 erschienen

Vor kurzem ist Groovy in der Version 2.1 erschienen. Nach größeren Neuerungen im Major Release 2.0 gibt es diesmal kleinere Änderungen bzw. Verbesserungen, die aber nicht minder interessant sind: volle Java 7 Invoke Dynamic Unterstützung GPars nun in Version 1.0 … Continue reading

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