Hudson 3.0 released

As noted before, Hudson was proposed as Eclipse project back in 2011. After Hudson left incubation in early December 2012, Hudson 3.0 was released.The official announcement of the Eclipse Foundation lists the top features as follows:

  • Plug-In Manager: Simplifies management and installation from a repository of over 400 existing plug-ins. It also enables the registration of custom plug-in repositories. Additional administrative settings give IT control over the range of plugins available to Hudson administrators.
  • Simplified installation: New self-installation and Bootstrap configuration enables configuration during first launch and just-in-time loading of non-Eclipse components.
  • Architectural improvements and abstraction layer: Hudson core scripting and charting layers have been abstracted to support different technologies such as Eclipse BIRT for charts.
  • Smaller footprint and Eclipse compliance: The size of Hudson footprint has been reduced by 50 percent. This was the result of the work to modernize and change the underlying libraries used in Hudson to meet Eclipse IP requirements. Libraries using GPL or LGPL licenses were removed, existing libraries were updated to the latest versions, and library redundancies were resolved.
  • Support and certification for top plug-ins: Ensures that the most frequently used Hudson plug-ins can integrate with the latest versions.
  • Improved look and feel: Web interface redesign using JQuery provides a more responsive user interface.

A full changelog of the milestones released towards the 3.0 release can be found on the project page.

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