How to use the Quartz Scheduler in your JIRA plugin

Quartz is a very popular scheduler library for Java. It is commonly used for periodically executed tasks. We use it in our plugin, all worked fine,  until a customer complained about JIRA filter subscriptions being sent twice whenever the plugin is active.

And here is the full story…

A while ago we needed this kind of task in the context of a JIRA plugin. To get a Scheduler instance we simply used the following code:

Scheduler scheduler = StdSchedulerFactory.getDefaultScheduler();

Our Job was periadically executed and everything seemed to be fine … well, until a customer complained …
So the next try was the atlassian-scheduler package bundled with JIRA and other Atlassian applications:

Scheduler scheduler = com.atlassian.scheduler.SchedulerLauncher.getScheduler();

Unfortunately the fix didn’t fix the problem… The time had come for a working solution! JIRA contains a class “com.atlassian.jira.scheduler.JiraSchedulerFactory” that does the trick:

JiraSchedulerFactory schedulerLauncher = new JiraSchedulerFactory();
scheduler = schedulerLauncher.getScheduler();

One last thing: Don’t forget to either implicitly or explicitly import the package “com.atlassian.jira.scheduler” to your plugin (OSGi Bundle) to avoid ClassNotFoundExceptions.

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