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Tool-Integration mit OSLC und Eclipse Lyo

Vor längerem bin ich schon über die sehr interessante “Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) initiative” gestolpert, die sich auf ihrer Webseite wie folgt vorstellt: An open community dedicated to making it easier to use lifecycle tools in combination Es … Continue reading

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Problem with ui:repeat and NULL values in JSF 2.x

Some months ago I stumbled across some issue with the ui:repeat component in JavaServer Faces 2. The project I worked on used JSF RI 2.0.2, but the problem seems to exist in all 2.x RI versions (especially the current versions … Continue reading

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Hudson 3.0 released

As noted before, Hudson was proposed as Eclipse project back in 2011. After Hudson left incubation in early December 2012, Hudson 3.0 was released.The official announcement of the Eclipse Foundation lists the top features as follows: Plug-In Manager: Simplifies management … Continue reading

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Talk to your web application

Starting with version 25, Google Chrome will support the Web Speech API, as demonstrated at HTML5Rocks. When this feature will be widely supported by the major browsers, I can think of many cool stuff you can do with it, e.g.: … Continue reading

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PhantomJS 1.8 released with WebDriver support

A while ago, PhantomJS 1.8 was released. According to the release notes it features built in support of the WebDriver Wire Protocol that is e.g. used by Selenium to remote control browsers. The really cool thing of this feature is: … Continue reading

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How to use the Quartz Scheduler in your JIRA plugin

Quartz is a very popular scheduler library for Java. It is commonly used for periodically executed tasks. We use it in our plugin, all worked fine,  until a customer complained about JIRA filter subscriptions being sent twice whenever the plugin … Continue reading

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Chrome 24 for Developers

The Chrome Team recently released Chrome 24. The browser offers higher JavaScript execution speed and faster startup times. For developer, the new version offers Support for MathML (to describe mathematical formulas) Support for the datalist attribute for form input elements … Continue reading

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