Build infrastructure winners 2012? [updated]

Peeking around oss projects, it is hard not to notice that many projects are switching to github, and that many also started using gradle as the build tool. And, from a non oss point of view, I have witnessed many customers switching (I would call it rather “fleeing”) from subversion to github.

The list is by far not complete, but as far as I can see…


Ruby on Rails, bootstrap, homebrew, jquery, linux, facebook ios sdk, d3, grails, django, the whole spring portfolio, jBoss application server, the many richfaces jsf projects, hibernate, and many many more.


the spring framework, hibernate, grails, probably much more…

Some oss projects do mirror their repositories in github, e.g. mozilla. It seems to be a trend to have many code locations…

From we can get an overview of repositories used by oss projects, as far they are tracked by ohloh…

OHLOH repositories stats

And here some fresh stats from Github.

While gradle is not as popular as github, it also haves (imho) an impressive adoption rate. Especially considering how much effort it takes to move/ change build infrastructure when so many developers are involved.

Did I miss any important projects? Please tell me!

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