HTML5 is complete

According to the W3C, the HTML5 spec is complete – which in fact means that the core HTML5 spec and the Canvas 2D Context spec reached the status of a Candidate Recommendation. You can expect the core HTML5 specification to reach Recommendation status in Q4/2014.

While it is great to see a central part of HTML5 stabilizing, you have to note that the core HTML5 spec only contains a very small subset of what is called HTML5 today.
The core HTML5 spec contains amongst others

  • New semantic elements like nav, article, section, aside, …
  • New canvas, audio and video elements
  • New input types like number, date, range, url, email, …
  • New placeholder and autocomplete capabilities for form input elements
  • Form validation
  • History management
  • Drag and drop
  • HTML parsing (this is an important thing as it prevents browser incompatibilities)

The core HTML5 spec is currently not fully implemented by browsers. Hopefully now that the spec is complete, browser vendors will add the missing features (like the new input types).

To check the implementation status of individual features, visit

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