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Schei? Encoding!!!

Als XML Trainer werde ich immer wieder nach Encodings gefragt. Die umfassendste Antwort ist ein Link, ein absolutes MUST READ für jeden Entwickler: Joel on Software: The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character … Continue reading

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Worth reading: The State of NoSQL

Here is a really worth reading article on the state of nosql: The NoSQL Space has exploded in just 4-5 years to about 50 to 150 new databases. lists about 150 such databases,…

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Build infrastructure winners 2012? [updated]

Peeking around oss projects, it is hard not to notice that many projects are switching to github, and that many also started using gradle as the build tool. And, from a non oss point of view, I have witnessed many … Continue reading

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GWT, maven, m2e

Good news! With the actual versions of the gwt maven plugin, eclipse, GPE and m2e it is possible to get a GWT project up and running in the IDE and built by maven without pain and configuration hassle free. Working … Continue reading

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HTML5 is complete

According to the W3C, the HTML5 spec is complete – which in fact means that the core HTML5 spec and the Canvas 2D Context spec reached the status of a Candidate Recommendation. You can expect the core HTML5 specification to … Continue reading

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Spring 3.2 is here!

And here we go again, same procedure as last year? Exactly one year after the Spring Framework 3.1 release, I’m pleased to announce that Spring Framework 3.2 is generally available now! We recommend an upgrade from all previous Spring releases, … Continue reading

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“Agile DevOps” Artikel Serie von Paul Duvall

Paul Duvall, Hauptautor des bei Addison-Wesley erschienen Standardwerks “Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk”, ist zurück mit einer neuen Artikel Serie bei IBM developerWorks. Nachdem bereits seine 20-teilige “Automation for the people” Reihe viele Anhänger gefunden hat, widmet … Continue reading

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