Knockout 2.2.0 released

The Knockout Team recently released version 2.2.0 of their JavaScript data binding framework.

Knockout is a small but powerful Javascript library that offers declarative data binding for your HTML code. It enables you to separate you HTML code from your data and UI logic, offering automatic UI refresh and dependency tracking.

The new features and improvements of version 2.2.0 include:

  • Improved foreach binding – it will now detect reordered elements in an array and move the corresponding DOM elements (previously it would have removed and recreated a DOM element). There are new beforeMove and afterMove callbacks.
  • Improved css binding – it can now attach programmatically-generated CSS class names to elements (previously it could only toggle predefined css class names)
  • Support for IE10

For a full list of all new features see Steven Sanderson’s blog post.
You can download Knockout 2.2.0 from Github.

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