Why Java EE Lost and Spring Won

Well, this is another very nice rant on JavaEE from Andrew C. Oliver, “cross ranting” on many levels and really calling for an epic shitstorm.

Starting with “Real AJAX won”, “Seam / Spring Webflow are flops” and finally ranting on CDI on “CDI as a Spring replacement”, here are his final words:

So we end up with another 3 year cycle of Java EE playing catch up. Sure it will come up with another “standard” which requires proprietary vendor extensions to run efficiently — but really was the JCP ever REALLY a standards board.  Clearly most of the energy and drive (nearly all of the new ideas and most of the actual work) is still coming from JBoss (since JavaEE) and then Oracle and IBM delay while they figure out how to get their product to support it and then finally “agree” with some “compromises.” Meanwhile the market moves on and I certainly don’t want to wait 3 more years for a standard Java programming model for NoSQL or BigData, created by the same process that brought us EJB and CMP. Especially not when the “everyman” can participate today in an open source project.

Being a Spring and GWT advocate, I could not agree more.

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