The condemned live longer

Years ago, Log4j 1.2 was released. Since then it was treated as dead by many developers. In the meantime logback appeared as successor of Log4j based on the slf4j API.

But now, many years later, the development of log4j 2 is in progress. The main characteristics are:

  • It is a complete rewrite
  • It will provide a better performance
  • API and implementation are seperated (as it is for logback and slf4j)
  • Beside it’s own API, it will support slf4j and commons logging APIs
  • A Log4j 1.2 compatibility layer will be provided
  • Configuration using *.properties fiels isn’t possible anymore, *.xml files and JSON can be used instead
  • and much more

Last week, beta1 was released and can be downloaded here.

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